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If you rely on a third party to handle your company's settlement and escrow needs, you’re leaving an entire revenue stream by the wayside. A RESPA Regulated Joint Title Venture will allow you to not only capture additional revenue streams but also maximize your core business profits. Whether your a Bank, Real Estate Company or Developer your business will become more efficient, maintain quicker service, become more accountable and your costs will be much more competitive then your competitors.

We have great expertise in setting up RESPA and state compliant title affiliated business arrangements. Our company and its counsel provides all the tools, resources and knowledge to get your company off the ground. The best part is that you need not do anything besides worry about generating the business! We find the best title processors and strongest managerial candidates available for your Title Operation. We train and manage your staff and make sure that the operation is fully compliant with any State Regulations as well the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act (RESPA). All administrative resources, payroll, book keeping, auditing, employee benefits and backend support is done by our company, making us your true work horse partner in your new venture. Hence, you have the continued flexibility and freedom to concentrate on your core business while we drive our partnership towards maximum profitability.

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  • Create a positive, lasting impression for your customers as a full service, Single Solution

  • Gain Greater control over the closing process and reduce customer anxiety

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Stronger bonds with your customers which attracts referrals and encourages repeat business

  • Reliable, professional settlement services helps you retain your top agents, and recruit new talent

  • Create a New Revenue Stream

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